About the Photographer

Kevin Adams

Kevin Adams is a naturalist, writer, teacher, and photographer who has had a lifelong love affair with nature and the outdoors. A photographer for nearly 35 years, he is the author of nine books, including the bestselling North Carolina Waterfalls. An accomplished photography instructor, Kevin leads photo tours in the Southeast and abroad and teaches numerous workshops and seminars throughout the year. Often called the “MacGyver of Photography,” he designs and produces several unique products for photographers. Besides lookout towers, his favorite photo subjects are waterfalls and anything under the night sky. When he can get out of the office, Kevin enjoys hiking, traveling, and exploring the outdoor world. Kevin is founder and executive director of Waterfall Keepers of North Carolina, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the betterment of waterfalls and waterfall lovers. He lives in Waynesville, NC, with his wife, Patricia; their two cats, Lucy and Titan; nine chickens; and a troublesome groundhog that lives under the house and eats Patricia’s plants. For more about Kevin, visit his website at kadamsphoto.com.
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