About the Book

Scenic viewpoints are inherently desirable destinations for hikers and sightseers, but most summits in the southern Appalachian mountains are forested and offer no views. Lookout towers, once utilized for natural-resource protection via early detection of forest fires, now enable hikers to ascend above the trees to enjoy breathtaking 360-degree views of the surrounding mountainscape. Enchanting vistas are the visual reward for those who reach these former sentinels of the forests, but the captivating history of the towers and enchanting tales of the individuals who served as lookouts in them inspire a deeper sense of wonder and awe.

Exploring North Carolina’s Lookout Towers leads outdoor enthusiasts and tourists alike to the spellbinding panoramic vistas from 28 of western North Carolina’s still-standing historic fire towers, while capturing readers’ imaginations with fascinating tales of the men and women who worked in the towers and kept safe watch over our cherished forests. Additionally, the book includes history, hiking information, driving directions, and vista descriptions for 8 historical/former fire lookout locations in WNC.

This new book will appeal to an array of hikers, photographers, tourists, history buffs, and modern Instagrammers by facilitating an exhilarating journey to 36 lookouts—all complemented by rarely seen historical photographs as well as the stunning professional full-color images by professional photographer Kevin Adams. All 36 lookout chapters are further enhanced with the inclusion of interesting location-specific sidebar content. Exploring North Carolina’s Lookout Towers is visually stunning book teeming with rich content of natural and cultural heritage that is as beautiful on the coffee table as it is useful on the trail.

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